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with NiceCAC (Nice Cake And Candle), you may pick a birthday cake, choose a birthday candle, and then select your portrait photo as a congratulant to create a NiceCAC picture.

if the person, whose birthday is being celebrated, has an iPhone or compatible, you may e-mail the NiceCAC picture to that person. the person may download a free version of NiceCAC, load your NiceCAC picture, watch the vibrating candlelight, and blow off the candle to listen to the music of 'happy birthday' in a variety of styles including country, disco, flamenco, hawaiian, hip-hop, kids, march, romantic, samba, tango, vocal, and waltz.

if that person has no iPhone or compatible, you may have your NiceCAC picture ready, bring your iPhone to the person, and let the person blow off the candle. or, you may e-mail the NiceCAC picture as a static graphic of birthday card.

an e-way to celebrate your friend or beloved's birthday. it is ... nice!


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