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for iPod Touch users ...

hint: must select 'blower' rather than 'mouth' in Options View.

no music on iPod Touch?

symptom: there is no music* after candle is blown off when running NiceCAC for the first time.

hint: quit application, re-run again, the problem is gone henceforward.

* this problem doesn't seem to be caused by NiceCAC.

in a very noisy environment ...

hint: blowing by mouth might not work well, use virtual blower instead.

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how to choose a nice portrait photo as the background image?

hint: to properly place the face of a portrait photo without being blocked by the cake, the space from chin to photo bottom should be at least 1.5 times of the space from chin to top of hair.

chin to photo bottom is too short.

chin to photo bottom is sufficient.

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why the loaded custom NiceCAC picture has no candlelight and the Ignite tool is disabled?

hint: custom NiceCAC picture, which was sent to you by other people, must be loaded with the CustomPicture tool so that the candle will be ignited automatically. if it is incorrectly loaded with the Background tool. the candle won't be ignited while the Ignite tool is disabled.

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how to enable Cake tool and Candle tool?

hint: after loading the demo NiceCAC picture or a custom NiceCAC picture, the Cake tool and Candle tool will be disabled.

to enable them, you need to load a background image by activating the Camera tool or Background tool.

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how come NiceCAC picture shown on the screen is not attached to the e-mail for sending?

hint: to e-mail user's composed NiceCAC picture, In app Purchase item NiceCAC.Customize is required.

without NiceCAC.Customize, default NiceCAC picture rather than what is shown on the screen will be attached to the e-mail.

however, free version without NiceCAC.Customize can load 'valid' NiceCAC picture received from other people with CustomPicture tool and forward the 'valid' NiceCAC picture with E-mail tool to another people.

therefore, free version without NiceCAC.Customize cannot save or e-mail user's composed NiceCAC picture, but may play and distribute 'valid' NiceCAC picture in social community.

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how come Save tool is disabled?

hint: Save tool is not for saving what is shown on the screen as a common function in other applications. instead, it is to save custom NiceCAC picture composed by the user.

in the event that a NiceCAC picture is loaded with Demo tool or CustomPicture tool, Save tool is disabled.

while use is composing custom NiceCAC picture, Save tool won't be enabled until both cake and candle have been selected.

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error message: "Wrong Image not a NiceCAC picture"

hint: error message will be prompted if loading a 'NiceCAC picture' that is not created by Save tool or E-mail tool with In App Purchase item - NiceCAC.Customize.

please be aware that capturing the screen image won't create a 'valid' NiceCAC picture and will be rejected when being loaded by CustomPicture tool.

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wanna play again?

hint: after the candle extinguishes, if you wanna play again, double-tap to switch from Present mode to Prepare mode, then tap the Ignite tool to ignite the candle.

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